Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner CCTP

 The Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner CCTP is a credential which provides the demonstrable proof of knowledge and expertise in terrorism prevention, detection and deterrence.

The credential can be awarded to the eligible candidates who have successfully passed the examination which assess the knowledge of 14 main areas of counter terrorism field.

Many professionals recognize the need for certification to gain an added competency in their respective fields. A counter terrorism practitioner acquires unique set of skills and competencies. The program aims on leveraging and upgrading the participants to complex scenarios and as a result reduces their response time in case of incidents.

Terrorism is driven by various reasons- religious, national, political, mental, and radical. It is not a unique experience to conflict zones but the global phenomena can target us anywhere and anytime. Our emphasis is on security professionals from the public or private sector who essentially face such terrorism threats which are potent and might be spreading in any continent around the world.


The CCTP project is intended to:


  1. To Provide Proof of knowledge and qualification of security/ military practitioner in the field of counter terrorism
  2. Foster the awareness of counter terrorism methods
  3. To provide the security practitioners with “tool box” to detect, prevent and respond to any terrorism related incidents
  4. To inform the CCTP practitioners about various terrorist threats and give them understanding about the risk implication practitioners are exposed to both during tenure and beyond their service.

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