An Inside look into a Bomb-Making Factory


This workshop provides training for professionals when they encounter the potential threats of an IED laboratory and the hazards that they present. After a portion of classroom instruction we move into a safe controlled simulated lab environment with sight and smell. We take a closer look at the components and materials, then move onto chemical precursors, the common ones and those used by ISIS. We cover the process of Home Made Explosives (HME), the equipment used for production and the hazards associated with it. We will talk about the risks, detection signs and the effects of different IED’s.
We will also discuss the ability to identify a laboratory site, safely remove yourself and secure it for fully trained teams to deal with it further. Laboratories are highly valued assets for the organizations that use them. So when discovering such a site expect booby traps and unstable and unsafe conditions. The instructors will share their knowledge on this based on personal experience towards these findings.

Covered topics:

  • ISIS IEDs, components, TTPs and the threat evolution
  • Chemical precursors, common and those used by ISIS
  • Process of making HME
  • Practical laboratory exercises with sight and smell
  • Overview of ISIS-manufactured conventional munitions and the overall “unexploded Ordnance” (UXO) threat in Iraq/Syria
  • Response when encountering an IED Laboratory
Date20 November -2017
Fee: SGD $750 – public / SGD $600 – CCTP
*This workshop is only open for law enforcement, military and security professionals ONLY. CCTP reserve the right to refuse access to the workshop to any personnel which do not meet the required profile