Inside look on ISIS IED’s TTP’s


The workshop offers the most up-to-date information available today. It is designed to be delivered using a solid foundational base of threat types and their evolution. We supplement that by utilizing our daily reporting structure to input information into the workshop that is sometimes literally comes straight from the battlefield. In additional to many years of “on-the-ground” time in high-threat areas (Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Nigeria, etc) our instructor utilizes a far-reaching network of intelligence service and military partners to monitor the latest evolution. This way we are able to provide as much information as possible to track device trends and evolution. We believe this to be the only way to stay on top of our game in the ever changing threat profile, especially when it comes to ISIS-related IEDs.

Covered topics:
  • Region Overview
  • ISIS IEDs, components, TTPs and the threat evolution
  • Overview of ISIS-manufactured conventional munitions and the overall “unexploded Ordnance” (UXO) threat in Iraq/Syria
  • Use of drones and Aerial dropped improvised munitions
  • IEDs used by other groups in the region
  • Considerations for countering the threat

Date21 November 2017
Fee: SGD $750 – public / SGD $600 – CCTP

*This workshop is only open for law enforcement, military and security professionals ONLY. CCTP reserve the right to refuse access to the workshop to any personnel which do not meet the required profile