Our Mission

To poster awareness to terrorism nowadays by levering the counter terrorism standard among security and law enforcement professionals

Our Vision

The Certified Counter terrorism practitioner program will raise professionalism throughout the world among the security and law enforcement sectors through the development, maintenance, qualifications and education.

Our Values


We have a passion for innovation, to remain current and updated as our adversary always does, we need always to stay ahead of our opponent.


We will build and support a world class team whose expertise, knowledge and innovation is a key feature of our reputation.


setting and achieving high standards in the Counter terrorism community


We are committed to open and honest communication with our clients, employees, stakeholders and rights holders.

We show respect for, and value all individuals for their diverse backgrounds, experience, styles, approaches and ideas.


We act in accordance with the highest standards of conduct. We are honest, transparent, and accountable in our efforts to protect national security and the public interest.

Upcoming Intakes