Community Engagement to Counter-Extremism: A Global Imperative

Rehabilitation is to help someone return to normal life by providing education, training, and therapy. Those exposed to and convinced by terrorist ideology do not lead normal lives. They adopt the writings and speeches of ideologues that espouse hatred and transform themselves. Whether they are operational terrorists or extremist supporters, they believe that violence and other extreme measures are acceptable means to bring about political change


A Face among the Crowd:
Profiling the Man behind the Foiled Plot to Attack Myanmar’s Embassy in Jakarta

The foiled attempt to attack the Myanmar embassy in Jakarta highlights the continued deficiencies in Indonesia’s counterterrorism strategies and reinforces the need for significant investments in countering radicalization and extremism.

Special Detachment 88, the counterterrorism unit of the Indonesian police, prevented an attack against the Embassy of Myanmar in Jakarta, Indonesia that was to have taken place on 3 May 2013.


Maritime Terrorism in Asian waters

The Strait of Malacca is particularly prone to pirate attacks as one of the most important and strategic passages for maritime trade between Europe and East Asia. It supports 50 percent of the world’s oil shipments, including 80 percent of petroleum imports

The tactics of maritime terrorists depend on the type of vessel which is a†acked, the value of the target, the security system of a port, the motives and operational experience of the terrorist group, etc.