Maintain Your Certification- CCTP recertification

All CCTP practitioners are required to submit an application for recertification every three years. Each candidate must demonstrate significant and measurable contribution to the security industry to maintain their certification.


  1. Fill the online CCTP rectification form

  2. Counter terrorism related contributions- Examples of contributions include, but are not limited to, security-related presentations or public speaking; publishing; attending an educational event; and/or serving in a leadership position for a security industry association.

    Each contribution must be security-related and verifiable with documentation provided as an attachment to the application form. Point values are assigned for each contribution and a minimum of 20 recertification points must be accumulated during the 36 months after initial certification or last recertification was granted.

  3. Sign the CCTP code of conduct

  4. Character- declaration on non-criminal record

  5. Recertification payment

List of point values for each recertification activity:

Subject Activity Points Supporting documentations
Training CCTP trainings programs 8
Training Counter terrorism / security related seminar ( at least 1 day) 3
Training Counter terrorism / security related practical training ( at least 3 day) 5
Training Counter terrorism / security related webinar 2
Education Related Higher education certificate (diploma, degree) 10
Employment With security related , law enforcement, military role 3
Publishing Counter terrorism/ security related book 10
Publishing Counter terrorism/ security related article 3
Public speaking conference,
Associations – valid membership with ICSPP 4
Associations – valid membership with Other relate security association 3
For each subject points can be accumulated without limitation

CCTP certification renewal Process

A renewal application will be available in your CCTP web portal

To start the renewal process you need to:

  1. Complete the online registration form
  2. Submit the $159 renewal fee. This fee must be received before your registration is processed.
  3. Submit the supporting documents.
  4. After your registration is complete and payment has been received, all CCTP certification renewal options are documented and submitted through the CCTP web portal.

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