Structure of cctp

Eligible candidates follow the process of obtaining CCTP which consists of three components:


1. Preparation


In order to prepare for the CCTP exam CCTP board provide free preparatory group study course for participants registered for the exam.
As a recommendation the combination of self-study and classroom study should be used in order to successfully prepare for the exam.


2. Examination

The CCTP examination is a standardised written test administered and scored in a consistent manner to ensure legal defensibility, fixed in terms of scope, difficulty and format. The CCTP examination is held on fixed dates as determined by the CCTP administration and educational institution. The test is developed and administered by LORIN.

The examination consists of multiple-choice questions and open questions covering tasks,   knowledge, and skills in 14 units identified by CCTPs as the major areas involved in counter terrorism activities.


3. Certification

Candidates who successfully passed certification examination will receive designation certificate which is valid for three years.

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