Target Audience

Acknowledgment for CCTP


Gain an Advantage Over Your Peers.. As the acknowledgment for CCTP certification has become a common practice among businesses establishments, government agencies and the public, professionals accredited under the CCTP have a competitive advantage for security, protection and counter terrorism positions and assignments. Also as the CCTP credential is high quality, as confirmed by its compliance with international standards for course completion, a person holding such certification stands out among their peers in the fraternity.


The State Sector


Policemen, security officers in state-run facilities-governmental offices, public-transportation, emergency response professionals, courts, schools, body-guards of state functionaries, border control, critical infrastructure, etc.


The Private Sector


The personnel of security companies, airport and airlines security professionals, hotel security managers, hospitals, shopping centres, Maritime security officers, VIP protectors, representatives of security-related academics, etc.

Upcoming Intakes