Close Protection (VIP) course

This course will cover every aspect of basic Close Protection Officer (CPO) training. The role of a CPO means being responsible for another person’s life and his personal safety. If you are willing to take on such responsibility, you require the correct knowledge, training and skill set.

The acts of terrorism or criminal activity executed by modern day attackers are very well planned. More often they are committed by intelligent and treacherous individuals. They are motivated by a belief that morally justifies the use of violence or kidnapping to achieve their goals. They may target a business or a government representative for financial gain or simply because they are against that individual’s nationality

This program will focus on analyzing these situations, defining the different threats and enable you to make quick decisions to take back control.

The principles of this training are established in the opinion that the attacker always has the advantage. This advantage is the element of surprise that includes different components:

  • Time – The attacker chooses the time of the assault.
  • Place – The attacker chooses the place of the assault.
  • Force – The attacker determines the amount of manpower and types of weapon that will be used in the assault.
  • Mode – The attacker determines the method of operation and the type of assault.

We will provide you with a foundation of knowledge to counter these advantages and neutralize the element of surprise.

The instructors: field experts with over 15 years of experience in government agencies. Serving under royal families, heads of state, prime ministers and having cooperated with several official units all over the world, their knowledge and expertise will bring this course to a completely different level.

Topics covered:

  1. The proper mindset and fundamental aspects of a CPO
  2. Who is your attacker and what is their motivation?
    1. Possible modus operandi
  3. Difference between low and high profile
  4. Operational planning: how to complete proper preparation for an assignment
    1. Security concept and strategy
    2. Intelligence gathering
    3. Counter surveillance
  5. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for personnel on foot and for vehicles
  6. Team dynamics and strength
  7. Communication
  8. “Krav Maga” customized to VIP-Protection
  9. Incident response and evacuation techniques
  10. Reality based, full scenario

Target audience:

  • Military & law enforcement.
  • Security professionals and individuals who want to expand their knowledge and learn the basic aspects of close protection.