READY. Active shooter preparedness course

Course overview

If there were a report of a mass shooting or active shooter event at your place of work, at home or when you are out socially? How would you respond? Do you know what to do?

A rapid, safe, and successful response to a mass-shooting incident requires preparation, a lot of preparation. To protect our colleagues, our loved ones and society, we need to have a plan in place and know what to do.

This course provides information, tools, and resources to assist in developing mass-shooting plan. The likelihood of a mass-shooting incident is low, but we must be prepared for these situations. Recent mass shootings and active shooting events around the world have demonstrated the need to prepare ourselves, our family, our company and our society.

Course objective

Preparation is the key to a mass-shooting incident. That includes a clear idea of what your actions will be before the incident occurs. The course will first  help you to understand mass-shooting incident, to develop, then to review your  guidelines and procedures for responding to a mass-shooting or active-shooter incident.

As with any multihazard assessment and planning process, an exercise (tabletop or functional) would be a good mechanism for bringing all the stakeholders together to rehearse the plan once it has been completed. Many organizations have historically regarded safety and security as low priorities instead of important school/business functions and responsibilities. Recent events, including numerous mass-shouting incidents, have shattered this sense of security and complacency.

You will walk away from this course knowing what to do during a mass-shooting incident, this course is also designed to help to  fill gaps in the responders’ knowledge of mass-shooting incidents and to help them prepare for, respond to, and recover from them.

Covered topics

  • Overview, history and trends of mass shooting events.
  • Response and Mindset
  • Plans and Planning issues.
  • Provide a forum to share ideas and experiences
  • Shooters (Schools, Workplace, Domestic Violence, Insider Threats, Homegrown Violent Extremists, etc.)
  • Pre-Incident Planning
  • Crisis Management Teams
  • Command Considerations/Incident Command System (ICS)
  • Scene Safety
  • “Lessons Learned”
  • Crisis Communications
  • Active Shooter Events: Case Studies
  • Resources for Planning & Training
  • Mass Shooting/Active Shooter Tabletop Scenarios Available