Terrorism 101 course

Terrorist attacks occur more frequently all over the world and each time the attacker uses our own weaknesses against us. Training your entire work force to better understand the situation will make your facility less attractive for the attacker to choose it as a potential target.

In this program we teach people without any police or military background how to be more aware, how to look at things in a different way, how to recognize anomalies, what is suspicious behaviour and of course, how to respond to it within the means available to them. Your entire work force is the first responders and these people do matter in case of a threat. Identifying and recognizing a dangerous situation at an early stage will save lives and mitigate the impact of an attack.

Our goal is to train to minimize damages and to rapidly recover from such an event. In Terrorism 101 we will utilize the capabilities of the individual by being better equipped with tools and a greater understanding of terrorism. This minimizes the reaction time once there is a terror incident

Target audience:

  • Security
  • Front line employees
  • Your entire worksforce