Threat ready course


Attacks with a cold weapon, such as knives are becoming more popular in terrorist attacks. They are easy to attain, simple to use, and they can cause deadly injuries and massive fatalities. Threat Ready has been created specifically for these kinds of attacks

  • KRAV MAGA – Israeli military self-defence system which consists of a combination various martial art of techniques sourced along with realistic training  situations
  • KALI – Filipino Martial Arts , and its derivatives, are known for its high-level understanding of edgedweapons proficiency
  • KUNTAO SILAT- Indonesian based martial art which excels in quick-close quarter strikes and immediate takedowns to stop an assault

Target audience:

The Threat Ready program is created for anyone working in public areas who want to defend themselves AND are responsible for other people’s safety:

  • Security Professionals
  • Police Officers
  • Hotel and malls stuff
  • Public Transportation Personnel
  • Aviation Staff
  • Also, non-security related civilians welcome to sign up

Covered topics:

  • Footwork Tactics
  • Striking Mechanics and Tactics
  • Hand to Hand Tactics
  • Counter-offence Timing During an Attack
  • Grappling and Anti-grappling Tactics Against Choking and Grab Attacks
  • Strangulation
  • Understanding the Knife; Why it is Lethal and How to Stop It
  • Protection Against Violent Knife Assaults; Single to Multiple Attackers
  • Using Improvised Weapons Against Knife Assaults

We will implement scenarios during the class, based on realistic situations using the Redman Suit. The Redman Suit offers the candidate the opportunity to test the newly learned techniques and witness its effect when executed properly and observe the actual result of a successful counterattack