CCTP Certification Logo

Use of the CCTP Certification Logo It is essential to understand the proper usage of
the CCTP title. The “Certified Counterterrorism Practitioner” title and the letters
“CCTP” are registered certification marks issued to CCTP by the Patent and
Trademark Office. They can only be used when authorized for a period defined
specifically by CCTP. There are proper guidelines for presenting your CCTP

Examples of correct use:

  • David H. Smith, CCTP
  • David H. Smith, Certified Counterterrorism Practitioner


The CCTP credential is awarded to individuals, not organizations, and should only be
used with individual names.

The CCTP credential may be used only for the period for which it authorized to be
used. The usage expires if you have not paid the annual renewal fee or have not met
the recertification requirements from CCTP. Use of these titles beyond the authorized
period (without complying with renewal or recertification requirements) establishes an
unauthorized use of the credential.

It is permissible to use the credential on your business cards, resume, and
correspondences or with your signature. You may use your CCTP credential nearly
in all areas where you use your name.

Example of proper company use:

Lee Security Incorporated provides the latest security services. Employees holding
the certified Counterterrorism Practitioner (CCTP) certification include David H.
Smith, CCTP and Dana H. Smith, CCTP.

Example of improper company use:

Lee Security Incorporated, providing security services by Certified Counterterrorism